History of Rains County

Founding Father, Emory Rains

A bit of Rains County History


Rains County is situated between Wood (to the East), Van Zandt (to the South), Hunt (to the West), and Hopkins (to the North) counties.  It is centrally nestled between Interstate 30 and Interstate 20 just off of US Highway 69 at the intersection of State Highway 19 in East Texas.  The population as of the 2010 census was 10,914.


Our founding father, for which the county is named after, Emory Rains, settled in the area from Tennessee in early 1800's.  He went on to become a lawyer and judge and served in many public offices throughout his life. He proudly served the people of Texas for over half a century.  Emory Rains died March 3, 1878 from an apparent stroke.


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