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This year's concert will be held at Sandy Creek Park, located downtown at 400 W. North St. in Emory.  This year's lineup includes local favorites, Tyler and the Tribe, Exodus Boss and others. 

Tyler and the Tribe

Growing up in Emory, Texas, Tyler was a self taught guitar player/singer/songwriter who started leading an Alt. Rock band known as The Novas at the age of 15 and played in the band until his last year in high school.  He was also very active in sports and received a full scholarship to play football at SMU in Dallas for four years.  Once there, after about a year out of finishing with The Novas, he joined The Clay Wilson Band and toured for the next five years as the lead guitar player and harmony singer.  After graduating with a B.A. of Economics from SMU and winning the 2009 Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, he took his talents and hit the musical road, once again as a front man, with the same passion and work ethic he used to get him through his college years.

Saturday, May 4, 2019
Sandy Creek Park
400 W. North St. - Emory
Tyler and the Tribe - 2:45 pm
Exodus Boss - 1:30 pm
The Concerts are Free and are family friendly. Feel free to bring the whole gang. 
Chairs and blankets are suggested. Food and drinks will be available for sale. 

Exodus Boss

The notion that music is a means of self-expression or self-therapy is repeated so frequently, that it can seem trite and overly obvious to even mention it.  Sometimes, though, when musicians relate their own, specific experiences that shaped them as people and as artists, it reaffirms why the self-expression/self-therapy description of music making is more than a mere cliché.

Such is the case with local singer-songwriter Exodus Boss (a.k.a Megan Smith) – because while she and her band, the G-Strings (a trio of guitar, violin and cajón), are often described by audiences as having an uplifting, inspirational tone – her creative journey originally began with an outpouring of the emotions she felt after losing her father.